Dear friends,

Welcome to the website of the International Charitable Organization «Foundation for Supporting the Development of Science, Culture and Sports», Dnipro, Ukraine. We want to introduce you to the Free Children's Books project, which unites more than 60 countries of the world.

Our project is aimed primarily at children and provides an opportunity to read children’s books online for free on our website. If there is no Internet in your region, but there is a desire that children from your region read our book in one of the 60 languages ​​of the world, then you can contact sponsors so that we deliver the necessary circulation of free children’s books to your region.

Також, ви можете become our sponsor, partner or volunteer no matter what country you are in and what language you speak.By the way, you can also say thank you to our team for the opportunity to read books to all the children of the planet. Everyone without exception. Is free. Forever.

Yours sincerely,
Oleksandr Danylchuk

Chairman of the Board of IBO
Co-author of the books «The Adventures of Cumbracks and Hamsters»
Co-author of the program «Children-Writers for Children-Readers»


As adults, we sometimes hate routine, but this is not the case with children. For them, repetition of events = safety. It is important to introduce habits and rituals into the family as early as possible. An excellent ritual is the joint reading of books.

Such family reading rooms can form the basis of closeness in the family, which will be especially helpful in times of and read your favorite books.

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With your help, we continue a life-sustaining work and help children experience the joy of new stories as they immerse themselves in a world of adventure. By donating, you become a friend of each of them. Our friends are special people who believe that reading can change a child’s life.